Transmission Service

Transmission ServiceTransmission fluid is designed to protect, cool, and clean the components of your manual or automatic transmission. Each car manufacturer has designated the interval at which this fluid must be replaced. Once the fluid passes this mileage threshold, it is no longer able to perform its function and should be replaced before its protective properties are completely depleted. Replacing your transmission fluid as instructed by the automobile manufacturer is likely to increase the life of your transmission and lower costs associated with damage normally caused by contaminated fluid. For automatic transmission vehicles, we offer two services. Your vehicle maintenance requirement can be met with a Drain-and-Fill service or a Fluid Exchange service.

The Fluid Exchange Service is the most widely recommended of the two, as it removes up to 95% of the used contaminated fluid and debris.

Automatic Transmissions

Fluid Exchange Service

This method of servicing your automatic transmission is recommended at GTS Express Lube and throughout the automotive industry as the best alternative for exchanging the transmission fluid in your vehicle. GTS Express Lube uses state-of-the-art equipment manufactured by T-Tech to safely and efficiently remove your contaminated fluid and clean the internal components of your transmission. The fluid exchange will also remove much of the debris typically left behind by the Drain-and-Fill service procedure. Once the fluid has been completely replaced and the internal components of the transmission have been properly cleaned the service is concluded and the transmission fluid level is checked to verify that it is at the level designated by the manufacturer of the vehicle.

Manual Transmissions

Manual Transmissions are not quite as complex as automatic transmissions. Despite the fact that manual transmissions have fewer parts, the need for proper service is no less. The service intervals dictated by the manufacture should be observed. Manual transmissions are service by removing the transmission drain plug, allowing contaminated fluid to be expelled from the vehicle, reinstalling the plug, and adding new transmission fluid as specified by the manufacturer.

GTS Express Lube will remove the transmission drain plug and allow the contaminated fluid to drain from your vehicle. Once the used and depleted fluid has been removed, the drain plug is reinstalled, and new automatic transmission fluid is added as specified by the manufacturer.

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