Fuel Intake Service

Fuel Intake CleaningFuel, air, and spark are the components that the combustion engine converts into the energy necessary to drive all the functioning parts of today’s automobile. Fuel varnish build-up, dirt and other debris, and carbon deposits restrict the flow of air and fuel through the intake and into the combustion chamber of your engine. In its early stages, this restricted flow of air and fuel can cause poor fuel economy and increased emissions.

With time…

  • Hard Starting
  • Engine Hesitation
  • Rough Idling
  • Loss of Power
  • Engine Hesitation
  • and/or Stalling

…is likely to occur.

This service should include a fuel intake cleaning that is designed to clear contaminants from your fuel lines, fuel injectors, intake valves, combustion chambers, and throttle plate/valve. Upon completion of a fuel system service that includes an intake cleaning, you will benefit from increased engine performance and fuel economy, while protecting the environment by lowering your emission of oxides and other pollutants. Depending on the type vehicle you own and your driving conditions, a complete fuel system service should be performed every miles.

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