Air Filter Services

GTS Express Lube offers two different types of Air Filtration Services

Air Filter Services

Engine Air Filter

Fuel, air, and spark are the components that the combustion engine converts into the energy necessary to drive all the functioning parts of today’s automobile. Dust, dirt and other debris restrict the flow of air through to the intake and into the combustion chamber of your engine. This restricted flow of air can cause poor fuel economy, increased emissions, and other performance related issues.

The function of the air filter is to remove contaminants from the air supply as it enters the engine. As time passes, these impurities begin to clog the filter and restrict the air supply flowing to the combustion chambers of your engine. This problem will result in an improper fuel and air mix ratio which could lead to poor acceleration, reduced fuel economy, and restricted engine performance.

Cabin Air Filter

Unlike the engine air filter, the primary purpose of the cabin air filter is to clean the air passengers are breathing. This filter is designed to perform many of the same functions as household filters used for heating and air conditioning. Additionally, it filters pollen and mold spores from the outside air being pulled into the cabin of your vehicle.

GTS Express Lube carries the air filters and the tools required to expedite replacement on all makes and models of vehicles. We will remove the old, contaminated filter and install a new filter that meets the manufacturer’s specifications.

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